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Over 500,000 People Have Played Resident Evil 7 in VR

Woah, that’s actually pretty incredible!

Despite Resident Evil 7 only being in VR for PlayStation VR adopters, a huge amount of players have gotten the chance to experience it. According to RE.Net’s stat tracker for RE7, over 500,000 players (502,065 as of this writing) and counting have entered the virtual world of survival horror. Admittedly, that’s only a fraction of the now 5.4 million units sold for RE7 (making it the fifth best selling single release for Capcom of all time, and third best selling single release RE of all time), it’s still a pretty impressive number. On top of that, this is only including players who actually linked their RE7 playthrough to an RE.Net account, so the actual number is probably way bigger, seeing as it’s the fourth best selling PSVR exclusive.

Despite how divisive the shift to first person was for some players, it really can’t be overstated what a simply incredible experience RE7 is in VR. Even the DLC is available in VR (save for Ethan Must Die and Jack’s 55th Birthday). I’ve played it both ways, and as excellent as it is out of VR, it really should be tried at least once in. It’s baffling to me that the PC version still doesn’t have official VR support, especially as our Editor in Chief CJ itches to try it on his Vive. There’s always the heightened experience our contributing reviewer SackFace did for the Resident Evil 7 VR candle as well. Apparently it smells like blood.


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