New Outlast Trials Enemy Concept Art Surfaces

Outlast Trials enemy concept art on a white background.

Despite being announced in 2019, no one’s still very sure what The Outlast Trials is about. A teaser trailer was unveiled in 2020, and there have been some screenshots and concept art released, but not much else. Recently, the game’s developer Red Barrels posted some more concept art from the game to their Twitter page, which shows off another gruesome enemy. Because what would an Outlast game be without deformed enemies to terrorize us?

The two new images show a dribbling, disheveled-looking man wearing some sort of makeshift pair of goggles. His wrists and one of his ankles are covered by metal braces. His right hand appears to be missing as well, in some sort of Ash-from-Evil-Dead homage. The brace on his right hand could, therefore, be a weapon or possibly just a restraint. Overall, it looks pretty intimidating, which is what fans have come to expect from the Outlast series.

Other than this new concept art (and all the other things that have come out over the past year and a half), the Red Barrels website does say the game is set during the Cold War and that it will be multiplayer with a single-player campaign as well. Perhaps we’ll know more soon, as the game is still in development and not much is being spoken about its progress.

One thing we definitely don’t know yet is which platforms The Outlast Trials will be on. It’s almost certainly going to be available on PC, particularly as that’s where the first game originally started life. If the game does come out within the next year, it could well be on the Xbox One and PS4, with possible ports for Xbox Series S|X and PS5, but these are speculations.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more about a possible release date and new content. For now, you can check out the official teaser trailer below.

YouTube video

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