Our Next Movie Commentary is for IT FOLLOWS - Rely on Horror

Our Next Movie Commentary is for IT FOLLOWS

This month we’re getting down with something that isn’t crap for once – the critically acclaimed IT FOLLOWS. Following in the footsteps of classic 1980s horror films, IT FOLLOWS is a dread-filled nightmare that focuses on tension, rather than blood and gore. Maika Monroe (Independence Day: Resurgence, The Guest) stars as aloof and disconnected teen Jay Height, who (after a date gone wrong) finds herself being stalked by an unknowable entity that will track her to the ends of the earth – and kill her. The entity cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be bargained with, and it cannot be stopped. It follows, and will continue to follow, until the day you die. Easily my favorite horror film of the last decade, IT FOLLOWS is a non-stop high anxiety journey into the paranoid, the disturbed, and the subconscious fears that plague us every day.

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