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Our Next Horror Movie Commentary is For Ghost Ship!

Our commentary tradition of doing a classic, then doing garbage, continues this month with 2002’s Ghost Ship. Garnering awful reviews at the time and a general “so bad it’s bad but still a really good time reputation” despite having a really cool poster. Directed by Steve Beck — largely known for decades of special effects work on classics like The Abyss and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he only ever directed this and the equally shat upon Thir13een Ghosts (yes, that is really how the title is spelled, F.3.A.R. style). A real pedigree, to say the least. I will say the premise, a salvage boat discovering a haunted ship, sounds delightfully similar to 1999’s Virus (an impressive special effects-heavy horror film that star Jamie Lee Curtis described as a “piece of shit”). Here’s hoping we have a laugh-riot time (although CJ assures us it’s actually a pretty fun time — I’ll sidestep his word for now).

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