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Oculus VP Wants Resident Evil 7 VR Support on PC Too

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When some people think of VR games, they think of mini-games based on a single gimmick or experiential stories with little interaction and depth. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as more and more full length VR titles that rival their 2D counterparts are making their way to both PlayStation 4 and PC. Just this week Budget Cuts released, and last week Insomniac announced the open world game Stormland. Arizona Sunshine is a perfect example on the horror spectrum.

Very few expected Resident Evil 7, a series reboot and the first game in the series to support VR, to become a benchmark for AAA VR. It added a chilling new depth and sense of immersion to an already amazing game, as noted in our review. Sadly, though, this functionality has remained exclusive to PlayStation VR to this day. Just prior to E3, I sent an email to Capcom asking about a status update for PC VR support — “No announcements have been made.”

I may not have had any luck, but someone with a lot more clout and resources than I has started to speak out about his desire to see Resident Evil 7 on PC with VR support. Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin Tweeted yesterday in response to a number of people asking him about Resident Evil 7 VR on PC. This was no doubt prompted by the hype train caused by Resident Evil 2‘s reveal. It’s been over a year since RE7 released, and fans want to relive the game in VR while they wait for the next game to hit next January.

At this point, even though I have a Vive, I don’t care if RE7 hit the Oculus Rift only. I’ll freaking use ReVive. I’ve been dying to replay RE7 for months, and doing so in VR would be a great new way to re-experience it. Here’s hoping Jason andOculus, maybe the folks at Vive as well, can convince Capcom to make this happen.

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