The Norwood Suite – If David Lynch Played With G-Mod

Surreal first person adventure game The Norwood Suite releases November 9th on Steam, but for those curious in entering its surrealist world, a demo is available right now.

While the game isn’t classified as horror, a look at what it offers is akin to an amusing and uncomfortable experience akin to the work David Lynch. The Norwood Suite sets players off to a secluded hotel filled with characters that just don’t make any sense. Odd objectives pepper the game’s open-ended world and it just might upset you if you’re not a fan on absurdist humor. The demo starts by being dropped off at the hotel and you meet various party-goers that offer interesting dialogue.

Progress made in the demo can be carried to the full game, which will sell for $7.99. I’m confused and I don’t know what to write anymore. My brain wasn’t ready for this.


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