The Nightmare From Beyond Hits Early Access on Steam

Lovecraft-inspired horror is all the rage in 2017, and indie developer The Domaginarium is bringing their take to Steam in the form of The Nightmare from Beyond. Players take on the role of a woman from the D’nyg race as she searches a (very) strange land for her missing sister. Billed as a horror platformer, the game is in Early Access to ensure that those two aspects blend seamlessly by launch.

The game sells for $19.99, which will be the same price at launch in Q3 2018. At this time, the main character has all abilities available but is missing a few of the moves she will have in the final game. There are currently two enemies with functioning AI, and many items encountered in the game are not in their final, fully functional state. The team plans to release updates throughout Early Access for player feedback, and is hoping for players to be very vocal in that process via the Steam forums. As the updates release, they plan to add voice acting and environmental shortcuts, along with improved textures, graphics, and audio effects. There will be controller support and multiple endings added before final release, as well, making the game more accessible and adding a bit of replay value.

Players interested in helping build a game and having their opinions and criticisms truly make a difference in how a game turns out can find more information on The Nightmare From Beyond‘s Steam page.

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