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NightCry for PlayStation Vita Finally Has a Release Date

Nightcry Vita

Some three years after its initial release on Windows PC, Hifumi Kono and NudeMaker’s Clock Tower spiritual successor NightCry is finally making its way to PlayStation Vita as promised by its Kickstarter campaign.

On January 31st, a port of NightCry will hit the PlayStation Vita and cost 2480 yen (or $24.99). The game has some visual differences, noticeably lower resolution textures and models, but the controls have been updated. Unlikes its PC counterpart, NightCry on Vita will allow for movement with an analogue stick and not just point-and-click.  There’s also touch screen control.

To say that NightCry was an upsetting game to play would be an understatement. It was clunky, poorly designed, and nonsensical. Hopefully the PlayStation Vita port has received additional game improvements to make it worth playing. That said, it’s good that the team lived up to their promises and ported the game despite its lackluster reception.

If you’re curious about my thoughts on the PC version, read my review here.


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