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Night Trap, Which Would “Never Appear on Nintendo,” Coming to Switch

It’s funny in a way, how much things can change over time.

Night Trap, a game famous in the 90s for helping to force the creation of the ESRB (due to it depicting what was considered unconscionable lewdness and violence), is now almost comically tame. Saturday morning cartoons are more adult than the dorky antics of what was once the bane of pearl clutching mothers everywhere. In 1993, Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln vowed in a senate hearing concerning the level of adult content in video games (a medium thought to be aimed at excursively children at the time), that Night Trap “will never appear on a Nintendo system. Obviously it would not pass our guidelines” and that it “promotes violence against women, [and] simply has no place in our society”. Now, Night Trap, 25 years later, is releasing on its first Nintendo platform, the Switch.

Coming both in a physical copy (with fun Genesis style packaging) and as a digital download, Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition, this is the same “HD” (as HD as an FMV game from 1993 can get) version that released a little while ago on other platforms. While Night Trap isn’t… good necessarily (the actions required to beat the game require such a fast pace and constant continuous cycling through cameras that it’s basically impossible to keep up with whatever the fuck is supposed to actually be going on) it is a pretty substantial part of gaming history, and it’s honestly kind of awesome to have the game break through that seal that was placed on it so many years ago.


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