Next Minecraft update introduces new monster

Minecraft has always featured a small variety of zombies that roamed the world at night, but they were never really scary, they might startle you every now and then, but that is all. However that is about to change when the game updates to version 1.80 and the players will be confronted with the “Enderman” enemies.


These creatures of the night have the ability to move blocks around (an ability that is exclusive to them) and their eyes are the only parts of them that are visible during the dark of the night. The good news is that these monsters are neutral, the bad news (which is overshadows the good news with ease) is that they become hostile the second you look at them. Once they are hostile the Enderman will freeze and stare at you, waiting for you to turn around so he can run towards you and freeze again once you look at him again.

We have seen scenes like these dozens of times in horror movies, but this is the first time I recall seeing it in a video game. At this point it’s impossible to predict whether or not this enemy will function properly, but what we do know is that 1.80 is going to bring some good, new content to the game. Content that the game really needs after Terraria became a hit as well and steal its customers away.

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