A New Slender Game Is Being Teased

A close-up of Slenderman with a forest fire behind him.

Remember Slenderman? The gangly, faceless figure who stalked you in the woods if you gathered his pages? Well, it looks like he’s coming back, as a new tease suggests something Slender related is on the horizon.

A recent, and very short, clip on the Blue Isle Studios YouTube page doesn’t give much away. All it shows is a creepy basement area with a disheveled person staring at you from under a swinging light. The video is simply titled “He’s waiting…”

If it weren’t for the links to the official website in the description, you’d probably not even know it was cluing us in on Slenderman’s return. So what is the new project that’s being hinted at? We don’t actually know yet. However, the link under the teaser goes to the Slender: The Arrival site. This strongly suggests it could be a remake or remaster of the 2013 Steam horror game.

Still from a teaser showing a frail man in a dark basement.

The only other thing on the website is a countdown which, at the time of writing, shows there are 34 days and just under four hours until…something. We can only guess it’s going to be some sort of announcement. We’ll know more in good time, at least.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Slender. The Eight Pages game from a decade ago terrified players with its foreboding atmosphere and the fact that you were being stalked by the creepy, teleporting man. The hype for the suit-wearing being has obviously died down over the years, but with the current trend of remaking and remastering old games, now seems a good opportunity for Blue Isle to remind us all who Slenderman is.

Check out the teaser video below.

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