New Silent Hill Movie: Original Screenwriter Not Returning

The news regarding the third Silent Hill movie being inexplicably announced in the middle of an interview yesterday has certainly spread like wildfire! Whether you’re excited or forlorn, a new Silent Hill movie follows closely in the footsteps of rumors (and arguably confirmation) of new Silent Hill games in the near future. The series is coming back, for better or worse, which is something I genuinely never believed I’d get to type. One thing that won’t be coming back, however, is the screenwriter of the first Silent Hill movie. Out of curiosity, Rely on Horror Editor in Chief CJ Melendez reached out to Roger Avery, who wrote the original 2006 film. Avery responded very to the point:

Whether you take this as a good or bad thing, it does mark that this new film will most likely have a different approach to the source material this time around. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t mean something along the lines of the second Silent Hill movie, 2012’s Revelation 3D, which was pretty much hated across the board by everyone. Odds are good it won’t be though, as director Christophe Gans made it clear during the interview that he disliked the second film even as a concept and refused to be involved with it.

“I never saw it. I had to make it, but when I understood that the producers wanted to make the film a sort of [like] Resident Evil, I refused.”

This story is still developing, we still don’t even have a release window, cast, or plot synopsis for now. Hell, Silent Hill movie rights holder Davis Films hasn’t even announced it through official channels yet.  We’ll update you when more is known.

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