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New Resident Evil Vendetta Figures are on their Way

Resident Evil Vendetta Figures Chris Leon

The Resident Evil franchise has a plethora of merchandise. So it makes sense that the most recent Resident Evil movie,¬†Resident Evil: Vendetta, would receive brand new figures. Both Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, two of the series’ staple protagonists, are getting highly detailed renditions of their appearances in the film.

I’m personally rather tempted to get the Leon one, although you should know that Leon and Chris will be going for around $127.99, and $137.99 respectively (so start saving now). Unfortunately, as of now there is no word on a Rebecca figure — fingers crossed. Of course, this isn’t the first time we have seen Resident Evil figures released, as nearly every entry in the series has seen the release of various accompanying figures, although these are certainly the highest quality we have seen thus far.

We can expect these figures to be heading out next at some point in the Summer of 2018. You can buy the figures here, or alternatively here.

You can watch Rourke’s scathing review of Resident Evil: Vendetta¬†below.

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