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New RE7 Trailer and Screens Show Off More Lucas, and a New Family Member

Woah, just when you think it’s safe to settle in and play some The Evil Within 2, bam. New RE7 news.

We’ve been waiting for a… considerable amount of time for information regarding Resident Evil 7‘s final two pieces of DLC, Not A Hero (a free update for all RE7 players that stars series veteran Chris Redfield), and End of Zoe (which is the final paid DLC that was included in the season pass). We finally got our first look at some gameplay as well as a date (both DLCs release December 12th) last month, but now we’re getting into the hardcore advertising. We’ve got a new trailer, as well as a half dozen screenshots to ogle.

The first interesting point to note in the trailer is that it’s now been confirmed that the good ending is what is canon, and what End of Zoe will be following up on. I’m not really surprised, as RE has never gone with a bad ending for its canon (when any of the endings are canon, to begin with- RE1‘s canon ending does not actually exist in any version of that story, and parts of RE3‘s ending is deliberately left up to player choice on what they like best). Next, we see that it looks like full cinematic cutscenes are indeed returning, for both DLCs. I presume to show off Chris’ new mug, or perhaps to simply set them apart from the RE7 experience we’ve had thus far.

We get a couple quick shots of some new areas (including a full, shiny laboratory, in a way nicer state than the ruined set up Ethan found- proper Umbrella stylings here), as well as some new footage of Lucas Baker. RE7 fans were left a little perplexed when Lucas just sort of… vanished from the original game several hours before the finale, and was the only member of the Baker family who had no resolution of any kind, despite possibly being the most dangerous member. We’ve known for some time now that the job was going to fall to Chris, but it’s still exciting to see the two of them interacting.

We also get a last look at End of Zoe, showing what appears to be… a hitherto unknown member of the Baker family rescuing Zoe after she’s been… crystalized by Eveline. Just taking a quick stab in the dark, I’m going to say… uncle? Meaning Jack Baker’s brother. They actually do look strikingly similar. We don’t have any more information on him, outside of a few screenshots and Kellen on Capcom Unity has revealed that his name is Joe.

Again, Not A Hero and End of Zoe (along with Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition, which contains all DLC for a lower price) launch on December 12th. There will probably be another trailer or two in between now and then, so we’ll keep you updated.

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