Chris Brings The Action to RE7 in New Not A Hero Trailer

Finally, almost 10 months after Resident Evil 7 came out, we have real gameplay footage of Not A Hero.

Before you dive in, let me remind you that Not A Hero (a free DLC episode for Resident Evil 7 that stars series regular Chris Redfield) is going to be bringing a different, more action-heavy style to RE7‘s first-person survival horror gameplay. As such, the gameplay off in this new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show looks… a bit like Call of Duty if we’re really being honest about it. On the other hand, it is more or less what I’d expect playing as Chris, a hardenedĀ soldier with over 15 years of experience hunting BOWs, to look and feel like, at least in comparison with Ethan Winters, who doesn’t even aim down the sights of his guns.

I’m currently working on an analysis video of this new trailer, so I’ll leave my thoughts and observations for that, but in the meantime, check out the trailer below! Not A Hero, of course, drops December 12th, completely free, for all platforms RE7 is on.


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