New Not A Hero Screenshots Give us Chris’ Mighty Foot

Going from slightly less than nothing for months to suddenly a trailer and ton of screenshots feels like Christmas come early.

While we still have a little longer to wait for Resident Evil 7‘s free DLC Not A Hero, we can at least ponder over some new screenshots. They aren’t… much, but they do give us a little more insight into what waits in store for us playing as series veteran Chris Redfield again.

The first image shows us something we already knew- we’ll be returning to the Abercrombie salt mines, which served as one of RE7‘s final areas. While we did get to explore it somewhat as Ethan, there were for sure areas we couldn’t access before. This image is also one of several third-person images that have been shown off so far, and it makes me wonder if Not A Hero will have traditional cinematic cutscenes (as the original game is mostly made up of first-person cutscenes).

The next image shows us a little bit of a new area in the mines, as well as another look at Chris’ special HUD. It’s nice to see that even while going a more action route, this DLC will still be playing by the same health rules. Hell, the ECG display looks even more like it did in the old games now, honestly. The HUD does feel a little… Halo-esque, but Chris is wearing a specialized gas mask (as indicated by the air meter above the ECG readout). Chris is also holding the customized Albert-02 Thor’s Hammer shotgun, which at 8 rounds gives it the highest ammo count out of all the shotguns in the game (as the M37 shotgun Ethan can find only holds 4, the M21 model even less with just 2).

Finally, we get a look at Chris’ Mighty Foot. We’d already known for quite a while now that Chris would be able to punch enemies, but it looks like he’s bringing back the ability to stop on them too. This is actually a pretty old-school RE move, dating back all the way to the very first game. The difference I guess will be whether or not the move is contextual- is it something that happens when getting out of a molded’s grasp (like the original games) or is it a button prompt when near a fallen enemy (ala RE5 and 6). I don’t really care either way, but considering there’s still so little information I might as well ponder the little stuff. Although if it’s simply a melee attack like the classic Mighty Foot move I keep mentioning I think I’d die laughing.

Resident Evil 7‘s free DLC chapter Not A Hero will be releasing along with the final paid DLC chapter, End of Zoe, on December 12th. It’s not… too much longer. Only 3 more months… gahhhh.


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