New Night Cry details emerge - Rely on Horror

New Night Cry details emerge

Back in September, developer Kifumi Kono announced Project Scissors, a mobile and Playstation Vita game set to be a spiritual successor to Clock Tower.  The game’s official name is now Night Cry, and more details on it have been revealed.

Night Cry is a murder mystery set on a cruise ship.  Now if you’ve ever played the Clock Tower games, you know that this isn’t a horror game about squaring off against your enemies – Night Cry will focus on enemy avoidance and puzzle solving.

Despite the overall excitement over a Clock Tower revival, Komo stated that there was a lot of disappointment surrounding the lack of a PC announcement.  Fans can be assured that a PC version is planned.

Early on, I was concerned about playing a horror game on a smaller screen.  Maybe a tablet would be different, but still it’s not a big screen.  so yeah, I always wanted to rbign it to the bigger screen.  But at the same time, I had to think about the budget.  That was one of the main factors; I had to limit it in order to keep it independent.

Night Cry will feature multiple playable characters, and there are some stark differences between Night Cry‘s characters and the protagonists of Clock Tower.

When I made Clock Tower, I was in my 20s, so I kind of always reflected on what I thought was society’s idealized version of a woman.  To be docile, ladylike, and all that stuff.  And that might have been my ideal type at that age too.  But then, as I got older, I realized, actually no – women are pretty tough, and that’s the kind of woman that I like now, as a man in my 40s.

During a sit-down Polygon, Komo walked through an early prototype demo of the game.  A point and click adventure, the demo sees one of the protagonists talking to different people on the cruise ship before inevitably running into their first enemy, the Scissor Walker.  The demo allows the player to switch between forward and reverse camera angles, and you must switch between walking and running to maintain stamina.  Of course, this is just a demo of a work in progress – we’ll have to wait and see how a more fleshed out version plays.

A Kickstarter campaign is in the works to help fund the PC version of the game.  Komo assures that even if the crowd-funding campaign falls through, the mobile versions of the game will still be made, funded from his own money.  We’ll let you know when that campaign launches.


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