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New Killing Floor 2 screens show off the Scrake and character customization


Please, Killing Floor 2, give us a date already. Every day I scour the Tripwire Interactive forums, the steam forums, and the KF subreddit, hoping for even the tiniest new detail. Though January is almost done and we haven’t seen a continuation of the Dev Diaries, Tripwire has given us 16 pretty pictures to pick apart.

If you look closely, you can see that Ana, the punk character, has red hair in these screenshots. Last time we saw her she was rocking a blue mohawk, so we know that hair (or at least it’s color) will be customization. You can also see the Reverend Alberts sporting a pair of shades and a fedora in the other screenies. I was the one who pried out the customization options from Tripwire at their event last August (yes, I’m bragging), but we still don’t have much info in the way of how it’s going to work. Will customization items drop off of enemies? Will we get them for leveling up? Will they be dreaded DLC? Only time will tell, but I’m still excited about it.

Also of note is that we get our clearest look at the new Scrake yet. He’s got a serious case of TMD and he looks like he bulked up since the last game. I’m looking forward to sniping him from afar. So the wait for the next video begins. Alan Wilson (Tripwire Vice President) says that it’s on its way on the forum, so hopefully we see it soon!


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