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New Killing Floor 2 Screens are dripping with detail (and viscera)

Tripwire Interactive has posted 14 new screenshots for us to pick apart and enjoy in this glorious new year. They’re definitely doing their best to keep the hype train chugging, what with the monthly videos and screenshots stealthily bleeding out more details. In this new batch, we see our first glimpse of a few characters, including a new female character with an awesome punk rock aesthetic. We don’t yet know her name, but it’s cool to see that she will be there at launch and not delegated to DLC like Ash Harding was in the first game. Also exciting is that her hands appear to be unique and won’t be the man hands with nail polish like last time. She’s gonna be my main character assuming the chicken suit isn’t available on day one.

The fire effects from the Flamethrower are still causing my inner Firebug to smirk, and I can’t wait to get my hands on that AA12. The buzzsaw launcher and sledgehammer shotgun (UNFFFF) look like fun, though I’m still wondering whether they’ll be for the Berserker or one of the unannounced classes. What has me scratching my head in these pictures is the new weapon that appears to be a military shovel with a spiked haft. Are we gonna get some Zombie Survival Guide-esque Shaolin Spade action in there? It looks like it, but we’ll have to wait and see! Hopefully these screenshots aren’t taking the place of the next Perks video that we assumed would be out this month. Though, PAX South’s schedule does show an upcoming Killing Floor panel…

Update: I contacted Community Manager Yoshiro and he has confirmed the punk chick’s name is Ana. I’m really hoping her last name is Rchy even if that’s hard to pronounce. Thanks Yoshiro!


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