New (Gross) Scorn Teaser Release, Now on Greenlight

Scorn, the enigmatic horror game that we announced some time ago, is back with an all new teaser trailer with oozy in-game footage.

Think Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation was the most Giger influenced game in the last decade? Nope, Scorn looks to be taking that mantle with its pulsating, meaty and alien looking environments. As I write this, I’m eating greek yogurt wit almonds in it. These two things don’t pair together well. Texture. Moist. Bleh.

The atmospheric horror shooter has also taken to Steam Greenlight to gauge consumer interest. If a Giger x Cronenberg meat-fest is something you’re looking forward to, go vote. You can read up some more on what the game is about there as well.

YouTube video

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