New Five Nights Game Announced, "Sister Location" - Rely on Horror

New Five Nights Game Announced, “Sister Location”

Another day, another Five Nights at Freddy’s game.

After the backlash over Five Nights at Freddy’s World, it looks like Scott Cawthon’s going back to basics, and since we’ve exhausted just about everything there is to get out of that particular Freddy Fazzbear location, it looks like we’re going to be moving on to the literal “sister store”.

Teased on Scott Cawthon’s developer website, Sister Store has basically zero information known about it yet. A creepy image, and the tagline There was never just the one, it looks like we’ll have a whole new slew of point and click horror coming to us, most likely this year, given Cawthon’s track record on pumping these games out.¬†We’ll keep you updated as more info becomes available.


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