New DOOM Update Brings Free Season Pass, Price Drop, And MP Changes


Released last year to critical acclaim, Id Software has done a great job supporting DOOM with free updates in the year since it’s release. From adding extensive tools to the in-game map editor, to adding an arcade mode, fans of the hellish reboot have had no shortage of content presented to them, and they’re about to get a whole lot more.

Announced via Bethesda’s blog, DOOM’s Season Pass content will be made free for all players starting today with the appropriately titled Update 6.66. That’s a previously $39.99 value comprised of three map packs,  including nine maps, various demons, weapons, and armor sets for use in multiplayer.

Speaking of DOOM‘s multiplayer component, the progression system will be “completely revised”, relying on unlocking equipment through specific challenges rather than simply leveling up. The Hack Module system has also been replaced with a new Rune System, which don’t expire or need to be activated like Hack Modules. The update also brings some changes to the multiplayer UI, rounding out an update that could breathe some new life into a multiplayer mode many found disappointing last year.

Finally, DOOM will be getting a price cut to $14.99, with free weekends coming to Xbox One players on July 20, and PS4 players on July 27. It’s unknown whether the price drop is temporary or not, but playing the game for free should give you plenty of time to decide if you want to invest or not.

You can check out all the changes coming in Update 6.66 at Bethesda’s website here. For info on the recently revealed DOOM VR, you can look right here.

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