E3 2017: DOOM VFR Coming to PSVR and Vive

I honestly hadn’t expected this one, although Editor In Chief CJ Melendez called it.

Doom 2016 is getting a VR version, exclusive to PSVR and HTC Vive. No other information at the moment, although it appears to be an enhanced version of the original game with a new story, motion control functions, new features, and of course, full VR support. You play as a UAC security operative who was unwillingly transformed into a cyborg to deal with the hellish invasion. That means VR specific functionality like having robo hands!

Set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC’s Martian research facility, you are the last known human survivor – until your death. Under a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol, your consciousness is transferred to an artificial brain matrix. Your designated purpose: restore operational stability and use any means necessary to stop the onslaught of demons.

Three guess what the F in the title Doom VFR stands for. Get ready to rip and tear, if you have the cash to afford everything you’ll need to play.

YouTube video

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