April Fools’: Bethesda Discusses New Direction For The Evil Within 3

The Evil Within 3

Bethesda has revealed the games that inspired them during the development of The Evil Within 3 and how the inclusion of loot boxes will enhance the player experience.

In a recent forum post on their community page, Bethesda discussed how Resident Evil 5were major inspirations for the development team working on The Evil Within 3. “We looked at Sebastian, who wants to settle down and start a new life with his daughter, and we wondered where the next natural step in his story would be,” said a representative at Bethesda.

Resident Evil 5 6 were extremely success and well-received by fans, so we knew we had to do the same thing if we wanted to succeed. No one likes survival horror anymore. It’s all about the action. So, after many meetings with the development team, we decided Sebastian should become a muscular soldier who can punch massive boulders.”

Alongside detailing their inspirations, the developers also revealed that The Evil Within 3 will feature loot boxes. Similar to those found in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the loot boxes in The Evil Within 3 will be directly tied to player progression. “Gamers don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands,” said a representative at Bethesda.

“Having the player explore the map and stumble across supplies or weapons naturally takes too much time. So, we knew that the only way to provide players with the best experience is to hide all of the in-game weapons and items behind loot boxes. Nothing says player freedom like a random-number generator that gives you duplicates most of the time!”

This new direction sounds like a fantastic idea. All of the changes feel like the next logical step for The Evil Within franchise. Abandoning the survival horror genre in favour of something completely different surely won’t upset anyone and the inclusion of loot boxes makes the gambler in me become really excited and itchy. Where is my credit card?

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