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New DayZ Dev Video Reveals Major Changes for 2018


As of last week, DayZ has been on Steam Early Access for four full years. Last month, developer Bohemia Interactive shared the news that the long-awaited DayZ Beta (designated version 0.63) would not release before the end of this year. They were extremely candid about their own failings and fan-disappointment in that announcement, but they promised that the wait will be worth it.

Today they’ve released a year in review video that’s transparent in regards to the obstacles faced portingĀ DayZ from the dated ARMA II engine to the entirely new and more flexible Enfusion Engine, which has been in development in tandem with DayZ. Several members of the team remark on all of the improvements that the new engine will allow for once DayZ enters beta in 2018, showcasing improved animations, gameplay mechanics, combat, and more with gameplay footage.

The video sends a hopeful message for patient fans. According to Bohemia, 2018 will be the year of DayZ. It’s confirmed to go into beta, arrive on Xbox One Game Preview, and finally have a formal launch all next year. As a big fan of the game that’s been sitting on the sidelines until the game entered beta, I’m excited and hope to jump back into the dangerous countryside of Chernarus once more and experience true survival-based terror. Reception to the game’s final release will be interesting to watch.

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