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New A Plague Tale: Innocence Story Trailer is Full of Drama and Ratties

I’ve been surprised at how little I’ve seen from this medieval action horror game — we’ve reported on it before, but hadn’t seen much since. Apparently, it has been getting a pretty big marketing push but has completely fallen under our radar. Well no more, because it looks bloody amazing! A Plague Tale: Innocence takes a haunting and grim look at the terrifying grip of the black plague as it burned through an estimated 25 million people of what was only a global population of 579 million. From the description:

A Plague Tale: Innocence is the brand new own-IP title from Asobo Studio, bringing their veterancy in game development to a moving story of adventure and bonding through the darkest hours of history. In today’s Story Trailer, see just a glimpse of the heartbreaking tale of young Amicia and her brother Hugo, on the run from the Black Death, a plague of rats, the Inquisition, and worse besides. Today also marks the beginning of pre-orders on all platforms for A Plague Tale: Innocence, set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 14. The story begins in the Kingdom of France, as the Hundred Years’ War and emergence of the plague start to take a toll on the population. The De Rune family lives a still-peaceful, sheltered life in their castle and surrounding lands, but it can’t last… Amicia and Hugo’s journey will take them to incredible places, some indescribably horrifying, others hauntingly beautiful, and many a mix of the two. The people they meet, and their fates, will shape their story – and it is unlikely either sibling would survive without the other. As they grow closer, the world gets harsher, and that bond becomes ever more vital.

The trailer is even grimmer, so take a look. We will absolutely be covering A Plague Tale: Innocence, and I for one am excited to see this game when it comes out May 14th for XBO, PS4, and PC. Both because it looks creepy and emotional, but also because I love ratties. How could you not? They didn’t know dey had da plague they just wanted cuddles.

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