Nevermind Is Now Available For Early Access


Interested in a game that truly wants to get inside of your head? Nevermind just became available for early access on Steam, and the positive impressions are slowly trickling in.

Just from first glance at the trailer, Nevermind’s world looks like something only experienced in the worst of nightmares. That’s not all developer Flying Mollusk brings to the table with their title either. Nevermind is not the same experience you’ve had with every other horror game, as it uses Intel RealSense to further your terror.

While playing Nevermind, players can use a camera compatible with RealSense for biofeedback tracking, and will support heart rate monitors in the future. Using your feedback, Nevermind caters your experience to how you respond to the world around you. As your panic intensifies, the disturbing environment of the world in Nevermind reacts.

Interested? Check out Nevermind on Steam.

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