Narcosis Set to Scare Thalassophobia Sufferers on March 28th

Underwater exploration horror game Narcosis is set to release on March 28th on Steam, Oculus, and Xbox One — thalassophobia sufferers beware. Set in an research facility on the ocean floor, Narcosis is as much a journey through the protagonist’s mind as his murky surroundings. Sea creatures abound, players are only armed with a knife and light sources. An all new launch trailer shows you just what to expect (see below).

I played Narcosis at E3 last year, and while it wasn’t overtly scary, simply being at the bottom of the ocean, near the abyss, instilled a primal fear while playing in VR. If you’ve got a headset, you might need to consider picking this one up. Of course, you don’t need one.

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