Michael Myers, Laurie Strode and Haddonfield Come to Dead By Daylight Tomorrow

The Halloween content for Dead by Daylight teased some weeks ago has a release date: tomorrow. John Carpenter’s hero Lauria Strode and antagonist Michael Myers from the classic 1978 film are coming to the game in DLC priced at $6.99. Along with the characters (one survivor, one slasher) is a new map based on the Myers home and the surrounding neighborhood in Haddonfield.

The Dead By Daylight team has released both a trailer and gameplay overview of the Halloween DLC, detailing the new content and new features available to players. One such feature is the inclusion of a slasher obsession system, where the killer fixates on one player and they, in turn, acquire some of their environmental awareness abilities. A bunch of new perks are listed for both player types.

Speaking with the dev team at NYCC, Michael Myers won’t be the last licensed slasher icon coming to the game. But for now, I hope he’s worth the wait. Halloween is one of my favorite franchises and I’m surprised it’s taken this long to have Myers in a proper slasher role in a video game. Check out the two reveal trailers below to see more.

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