Metroid Other M’s music

I just finished reading a very interesting, and well written piece talking about Other M with a major focus on it’s music. I’ve always held the music from the Metroid franchise to be some of my favorite video game music of all time. It’s right up there with Castlevania for me, and Other M, while losing some of the classical cues from past games, still has an amazing score to it.

You should really check out this article, and read it in its entirety. The only thing that irked me (little things do) is that Sector 2 isn’t the Norgair themed pyro-environment! Sector 3 is. Okay, I’m done nitpicking, but definitely check this article out! I love this part, and it further cements the survival horror elements in Metroid for those of you that still don’t consider Metroid as such:

“You’ll oftentimes feel like you’re playing a survival horror game from a game design, sound design, and musical perspective, as Haishima’s timely string stabs fall right in line with jarring movements on the screen.”


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