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Metamorphosis Will Let You Live Your Bugsona Fantasy

MetamorphosisLiterary gamers will probably recognize Metamorphosis as the title of a well-known Kafka novel, where the protagonist is mysteriously transformed into an insect. Something similar is clearly afoot here, though there appears to be a more straightforward narrative here than Kafka’s meditations on existence.

The reveal trailer for Ovid Works’ Metamorphosis shows a player character strapped to a chair, bound by some sort of sticky glue reminiscent of fly paper, and being interrogated by another insect who definitely isn’t playing around. It’s clear from the sounds of distress and the fact that they can’t answer the other insect’s questions that they don’t know how they got here or what’s going on.

Thanks to the press release, however, we have a bit more info on what Metamorphosis is all about. You play as Gregor Samsa, a salesman now turned arthropod, who’s trying to rescue his friend Joseph. The reason for Joseph’s arrest is unknown, and there’s the additional wrinkle that he doesn’t recognize Gregor’s new bug body. To save Joseph and return to his human form, Gregor has to traverse a world now unfamiliar and unfriendly as you play through first-person puzzle-platform levels and make for the mysterious Tower you were being interrogated about.

Can you rescue your friend and return to your normal body? Can you solve the mystery of the Tower? Find out when Metamorphosis releases sometime this summer.

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