Memento Launches Its Attack on PC - Rely on Horror

Memento Launches Its Attack on PC

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Pixelated JRPG horror Memento has launched on Steam, bringing throwback horror to systems as ancient as XP and Windows 2000. The game explores an island that was once a battleground, but has since been turned into a garden of remembrance and museum. The main character takes a class trip to visit, and awakens to an alternate version of the island. The machines of war have awakened with her, and now she must escape a world meant for death and destruction.

Japanese indie developer Labo Game Studio built in multiple endings and intentionally hard gameplay to give Memento plenty of replay value. They chose a orchestral soundtrack to back the Japanese horror, and plopped a young schoolgirl down in their nightmare world. Part visual novel, part terrifying puzzler, Memento brings casual horror to an unexpected location.

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