Martha is Dead, New Title from Town of Light Developers Announced - Rely on Horror

Martha is Dead, New Title from Town of Light Developers Announced

The creators of The Town of Light – developer LKA and publisher Wired Productions – have just announced Martha is Dead, a dramatic first-person psychological thriller that aims to combine the disturbing and surreal with history, superstition, and psychological distress.

Tuscany, 1944 – As the war between Germany and the Allied forces rages on, the body of a woman is found drowned. Her twin sister is forced to deal with the trauma of the loss, which is compounded by the fact that the murder shares a mysterious connection with the local folklore and the imminent horror of the surrounding war.

The Town of Light was a realistic take on the horror genre which explored the tortured memories of a mentally ill woman searching her past for answers. The decision to exclude any kind of supernatural presence or enemies gave the game a grounded and naturalistic feel. Martha is Dead looks to explore a similar historically grounded take on the psychological horror genre – the horror of the realities of everyday life and the inevitable grief which affects us all.

So far, the PC release date is TBA. Head on over to the Steam page for more info. You can also check out the creepy new announcement teaser below.

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