Men of Medan? Man of Medan Gets Multiple Multiplayer Modes

Quick, what’s better than playing a creepy game entirely alone in the dark, then telling your friends about it later? How about bringing them along for the ride? Supermassive is betting on that answer with not one, but two separate multiplayer modes in its upcoming game The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan. That name isn’t new around here, so you all know the drill by now; we will be referring to it as just Man of Medan for the rest of this article.

If you missed our past development coverage of this game, here is a quick recap. Man of Medan is a multiple-character story about a group of friends who set off sailing on a beautiful day for a dive. Soon, though, the weather turns stormy and the friends find themselves pushed alongside the WWII-era wrecked ship they’ve been trying to find, except it isn’t at the bottom of the sea. Having every ounce of sense usually afforded to teens in horror films, they hop aboard the ghost float and creep into its depths. The spectral residents of this ship respond exactly as I would if a group of people on a small boat boarded my cruise ship in the night and began rummaging through its rooms. Things immediately go sideways for all persons- and former persons- involved.

Supermassive previously created star-studded playable cinematic experience Until Dawn. That game received high marks for its writing, acting, and visuals, and Man of Medan appears poised to follow in those footsteps. The developers have made the effort to do motion capture on a rocking platform, take sound recordings on actual ships and boats, and capture lighting cues from an evening sail. The acting looks to be top-notch, as well, making this game another one you’ll want to share.

That brings us to the latest announcement from the developer rooms. Man of Medan will have two different multiplayer modes, giving players three ways to experience the game. Two are main story modes: Play it alone in the dark, wrapped in your favorite blanket, or invite a friend to join you online as you wind through the swaying bowels of this haunted ship. Each of you will control a separate character, but your individual choices will affect you both. Have several friends and a few hours to kill? Movie Night Mode allows two to five players to join together on one couch and make mistakes. Everyone controls a different character, with their friends watching and guiding their every move. What happens when you all vote to open that creaking door down a dark, narrow hall? There’s only one way to find out.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan releases August 30, 2019 on PS4, XBox One, and PC.

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