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Mad Max Creator: Death Stranding is “Extraordinary”

George Miller, director of the absolutely fantastic Mad Max: Fury Road (and the other three Mad Max films and uh… Happy Feet) had some interesting thoughts to share regarding Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus. While Death Stranding releases in a few weeks, it would appear that he got a chance to sit down and either play or watch some of it early — and seems to have been totally blown away. George Miller is a director I personally deeply respect, and to hear him praise Kojima’s new game so deeply as a creative story makes me a lot more excited to try it for myself.

I’m sure plenty of fans will roll their eyes at Kojima’s work being compared to film, and entirely different art medium that is often criticized of getting in the way of gameplay, but it’s still a remarkable accomplishment. As gamers deride too much movie in their games, filmmakers and film fans will often dismiss games as a lower art film or not art at all (although that mysteriously seems to go hand in hand with probably never having actually played a video game). To hear someone as seminal as Miller come away from Death Stranding with such grand praise is honestly a little bit of a big deal. Even other filmmakers that game tend to only find them just fun without talking at length about their artistic significance. Kojima has always been pushing boundaries when it came to his storytelling — whether it be constructing a marketing plan designed to deliberately trick the player or gameplay built to test the player base’s willingness to commit to an ideal world.

Death Stranding releases November 8th on PlayStation 4, and (until otherwise stated) PC at some future date. Look forward to our review, we’re really hoping Kojima can knock this one out of the park.

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