Low-Poly Surrealist Thriller Paratopic Announced


Paratopic, a new thriller pulled straight from the 90s, has been announced for release on March 12, 2018 on itch.io. Designed by indie developers Jess Harvey (Tangiers), Doc Burford (Game One), and composer Chris Brown (AKA Lazarus Audio), the game promises to be a “surreal fever dream” inspired by Twin Peaks.

What’s really cool about Paratopic is that it features very simplistic visuals and a shader system that makes it look like a game developed in the 90s. Character models are low-poly, textures are muddy in that classic PS1-era style way, and the color palette is muted. As for the game’s premise, it’s quite strange:

A surreal, grainy fever dream into the evening. An assassin prepares for her kill, a man is strong armed into smuggling contraband VHS tapes over the border and young girl finds the rusted remnants of illicit industry deep in the forest…

Based on the trailer, Paratopic is going to leverage some wonderfully bizarre themes. From just what’s available to look at now, David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch comes to mind as a possible inspiration as well. You can bet my interest is piqued.


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