Lollipop Chainsaw knows how to party - Rely on Horror

Lollipop Chainsaw knows how to party

Warner Brothers have released a new trailer for the punk zombie slasher Lollipop Chainsaw. There’s sex, blood, zombies, and panties. Tongue-in-cheek horror games seem to be gravitating toward a grindhouse style as this trailer suggest for Lollipop. But then again, this is a Suda 51 game. That should be expected.

The game looks pretty interesting. It reminds me of Dead Rising meets No More Heroes. Hopefully this game fairs better commercially than Suda’s last horror game, Shadows of The Damned. Oh, who are we kidding? This game has a revealing female lead and a chainsaw. Of course it will get more attention. For the ladies out there, Garcia ain’t that bad either. Show him some love. His game was pretty good.

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