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Live-Action The Bunker Reinvents Post-Apocalyptic Horror

The Bunker

Indie developer Splendy Games has teamed up with Wales Interactive (Soul Axiom) and Last Chance Films to create a fresh take on post-apocalyptic horror, bringing The Hobbit‘s Adam Brown onboard to film a completely live-action, multiple ending game for PC, consoles, and mobiles. Players take on the role of John, the last living survivor in an underground bunker after a nuclear blast wipes out England. John’s continued survival requires him to face suppressed memories, and face the horrors within the depths of the bunker. John must navigate the terrain of an actual underground bunker in Essex, solving puzzles and unlocking flashbacks that guide him forward in his quest to escape whatever is lurking in the darkness.

Splendy has pulled together an all-star roster for The Bunker, with Green Man Gaming publishing for PC this summer, Wales Interactive publishing for consoles this fall, and All 4 Games bringing the game to tablets and mobile devices this winter. A twisting storyline from the writers of SOMA and The Witcher is brought to the screen by an incredible cast including actors Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful), Grahame Fox (Game Of Thrones) and Jerome St. John Blake (Star Wars) A neo-retro soundtrack by composer Dom Shovelton rounds out the experience, which will feature zero computer generated visual effects.

Keep your eyes on Twitter, Facebook,¬†and the official website, and watch our page for developments as we follow the game’s progress.

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