Liked Her Story? Try POARDY - Rely on Horror

Liked Her Story? Try POARDY


I am curious to find out whether or not this style of game will catch on; after the interesting success of Her Story, a game in which you browsed through old files on a computer to puzzle together a mystery, we now also have Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year that does pretty much the same thing.

The game is played on a desktop screen which has folders for each month of the year. The idea is that you start with January and follow the author’s descend into crazy-town as his city begins to inexplicable warp into something unrecognizable. All via the medium of old pictures, crappy videos, and .txt files.

I played through the game a few days ago and it’s pretty chill all things considered. It was produced as a Game Jam that it also managed to win and can be acquired for free from the website in the source.


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