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Left 4 Dead 2 Update Incoming

There’s a rather cryptic message over at the L4D Blog, posted two days ago.  You’ll forgive us if we’re a day or two late with this one, as Canada Day tends to get the better of some of us.

Check back next Wednesday for a special update.  We are going to need your help…”

What could that mean?  We’re waiting for the Cold Stream campaign to come out of beta, which…you know, it’s about time.  However judging by some of the previous poll questions and blog posts, Valve might have a little more in store for Steam L4D users.

For instance, in the June 3 update, Valve stated that they are patching over more of the first game’s campaigns to L4D2.  They also have posed several questions about the difficulty of certain campaign stages.  This leads us to hazard a guess that what is patched over might not be a mirror-copy of the original (Blood Harvest being a popular campaign).

Whatever it is, you can be sure that we’ll be bringing you the news and (when it finally releases) a review of Cold Stream.



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