Layers of Fear Gameplay Footage Emerges

Layers of Fear 2023 Bloober Team

Whether you’re a fan of the studio’s work or not, there’s no denying that Bloober Team has become the darling of atmospheric horror games. While the team is busy working on its remake of Silent Hill 2, there’s also the matter of the next installment in the acclaimed Layers of Fear series. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that some gameplay footage from the upcoming release was released recently.

Over on Bloober’s YouTube channel, you can check out 11 minutes from the next LoF entry. The video gives a good insight into what you can expect when the game drops in the next few months. Its brooding and dark atmosphere is typical of the series, though it should be noted that the footage is representative of work that’s still in development.

Layers of Fear 2023

Originally given the title Layers of Fears when it was announced last summer, the studio eventually dropped the “s” from the name. Bloober’s website describes the new game as the “crowning work” of the series. The upcoming title will be the “definitive way to experience the critically acclaimed franchise.” While Layers of Fear comes with a new story called The Writer, it will also feature the first two games, as well as some new DLC. This sort of suggests that it’s a remake or remaster, as well as a brand-new installment.

In any case, it’s essentially being touted as a one-stop place to get your Layers of Fear on. The recent video should at least whet the appetite of fans. If nothing else, a new LoF will be a nice stop gap until Silent Hill 2 comes out. Let’s all hope Bloober Team does the original justice.

Don’t forget to check out the Layers of Fear gameplay footage below. The game is expected to release in June for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

YouTube video

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