Latest Friday the 13th Game Trailer is a Hilarious Kill Montage

I typically watch slashers to be entertained, not scared. If I’m with friends watching a movie, you’ll probably hear us laugh loudly when people die while others are appalled. I cry from laughter every time someone explodes in a Neill Blomkamp movie.┬áKids are no exception. I’m terrible.

So Gun Media’s latest Friday the 13th: The Game trailer is a montage of some of the game’s brutal kills set to band Crazy Lixx’s song XIII. It’s a montage filled with the cries of teenagers drowned out by 80s rock. The fact that some of the counselor facial animations aren’t completed yet makes it even funnier.

Watch this if you want a taste of what Jason will do to them dirty, horny teens when his game releases in October.

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