Killing Floor Gets Gritty in Updates for XBox One X and VR - Rely on Horror

Killing Floor Gets Gritty in Updates for XBox One X and VR

It’s a hell of a week over at Tripwire. The team is handing out updates to Killing Floor like they’re shooting an episode of Oprah, with new content coming to XBox One, HTC Vive, and Oculus Touch.

First up, XBox One X: Owners of this snazzy new machine will be enjoying Killing Floor 2 in much better quality than their Xbox One and PC brethren. The update takes advantage of the upgraded hardware, with 4K support, increased resolution (1800p upscaled to 4K), increased performance, high-resolution textures, shadow maps, and increased shadow-fade-out draw distance.

As for VR? HTC Vive owners can join the fracas in Killing Floor Incursion, which is now available on Steam for $39.99. Previously an Oculus exclusive, Incursion is now open to the VR-wielding masses.  Along with the game players have been enjoying for ninety days, the latest release includes updates that should make the ‘git gud’ crowd incredibly happy. Effective immediately, Incursion players can jump into the new hardcore difficulty setting, compare their rankings on leaderboards, and boast about unlocking new achievements.

If all that social interaction makes you cringe, there is still something to love about the update. For the easily pleased, there is the addition of a new katana. Hack and slash your way through the masses of Zed, now with more range and finesse. Once you’ve got a handle on that sweet slicing action, jump into the arcade-style experience of Holdout mode. You’ll be placed in a random area on the map, pit against deadly waves of Zed that get stronger as you go. Whatever your weapon of choice, you aren’t getting out of there alive.

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