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Killing Floor 2 Perk Speculation

Killing Floor 2

We’ve now known for some time that Killing Floor 2 is going to have 10 perks (or classes, for those unfamilar). We assumed that the 7 perks from the original game would be returning – that is, Sharpshooter, Commando, Support, Medic, Berserker, Demolitions, and Firebug. Fans have also been speculating for awhile that some of the previously existing classes would be separated into more specialized classes. Adding fuel to the fire of this mystery is the set of ten collectible perk pins that Tripwire Interactive was giving out at New York Comic Con, seen below.


So, Sharpshooter definitely won’t be focused on dual pistols any longer, as that will have its own Gunslinger class. The two that are driving everyone crazy are the Helmet and the Dragon perks. What will these be? Well, so far I and many others are thinking the Helmet will be some sort of Tank class to make it so the Medic no longer has to take the majority of the pain from heavy-hitters like the Fleshpound. What weapons this supposed tank will use are unknown, but Light Machine Guns and Riot Shields are a possibility. The thought of LMGs rendered as lovingly as Tripwire is known for is quite the tantalizing prospect. A Riot Shield would change a very large part of Killing Floor‘s mechanics, so I’m not so sure that’s such a safe bet.

The Dragon is the biggest mystery. Is Berserker being split in two, with the Dragon being hand-to-hand combat and the Berserker using weapons? Perhaps the Dragon uses bladed weapons while the Berserker uses blunt weapons? Maybe the Dragon uses archery, or Eastern weapons? Do we just turn into a goddamned dragon? I NEED TO KNOW. There’s been a steady drip drip drip of videos and content in the last few months, so I imagine we’ll learn something new in the beginning of November. Now that the release date is set to 2015, I’m still hoping we’ll hear about Early Access before the end of the year. What do you all think about the new perks? Sound off in the comments.

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