Karma Doesn’t Wait Around in You Deserve


Have you ever wondered what your worst enemy in life would do if they could haunt you after they’re gone? The developers for You Deserve have, and it isn’t pretty. Students from Raiven High School harassed one of their classmates until she killed herself, and some strange occurrences have taken place since then. To the outside world, the students responsible simply disappear. It must be nice to see it from the outside.

Players take on the role of popular, pretty Amy Cooper, who has woken up in a strange hell that she must escape. She also has to figure out where she is and why she is there in the first place, revealing her hateful past along the way. There are items to collect and puzzles to solve, and a very angry spirit who would like to have a word. The only option if she finds you is to run as fast as your can, leaving players powerless and alone.

We covered this game in our Crowdfunding Roundup back in June, but it disappeared from IndieGoGo shortly afterwards. Indie developer TGA Company continued work on the game, and released it on Steam yesterday. You Deserve is compatible with PC and Mac, and is 15% off until August 26th.

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