Journalism: Is a Jason X Announcement for Friday the 13th: The Game Imminent?!

The long-awaited confirmation of Jason X-themed DLC for Friday the 13th: The Game might be happening. Are you f**kin’ pumped?!

Ronnie Hobbs, co-creator of Friday the 13th: The Game and Gun Media producer recently tweeted that he’s looking to purchase Jason X and Uber Undermasks (as in masks themed after the film’s cybernetic Jason). What for? Is he a fan of this fine piece of cinema, or perhaps is the team preparing for an upcoming content announcement!?

Soliciting help from the fanbase to purchase Jason X merchandise certainly seems like a game tease, especially when loads of other people and not just me are begging for Uber Jason to be added to the game as a DLC character. And in case you missed it, Uber Jason was one of the team’s final skins for community voting during the game’s development.

Uber Jason’s beefy metallic presence would be the perfect addition to the game post-launch. Here’s hoping we can expect an announcement soon.

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