Jill, Leon, and Nemesis Coming to Dead By Daylight June 15th

Jill, Leon, and Nemesis Coming to Dead By Daylight June 15th

Announced back in April, we’ve known that Resident Evil would be joining the cast of Dead by Daylight eventually, but not who. Today, we finally have our answer, as Dead by Daylight‘s developer Behavior Interactive held a stream to celebrate the game’s 5th anniversary — and subsequently Resident Evil‘s 25th. In an absolutely gorgeous reveal trailer, we finally got our confirmation of who would be entering the fog — and where as well. Check it out:

That’s right, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine are our new survivors, joined by Nemesis as the new killer, and (not featured in the trailer, oddly) the R.P.D. is the new map! All of this is based on the REmake 2 and 3 versions, which is to be expected (although I haven’t ruled out the hope that classic looks could be cosmetic items!), and the models look great! You can check out some gameplay too:

While Jill is a little wonky, Leon and Nemesis look perfect. The R.P.D. station itself is looking like it’s one of the biggest maps in Dead by Daylight yet, featuring (what appears to be) the entirety of the first and second floors of the station, with minor adjustments to cut out dead ends. Just like the Silent Hill Chapter’s Midwhich elementary, knowing the R.P.D.’s layout will aid you while playing, as this recreation is nearly 1:1.

Along with this news, we also got a list of all three character’s perks, and they’re amazingly interesting. Dead by Daylight‘s survivors have mostly been equipped with defensive perks, with a few that boost natural elements of gameplay — but the other survivors aren’t members of Raccoon’s finest, are they? Leon and Jill pack a punch with a suite of survival skills and some of the game’s first legitimately offensive perks, most notably Leon’s flashbang perk (credit to @Rydog on Twitter for compiling this image together):


We’re looking forward to giving this a spin, as the DLC is currently available in Dead by Daylight’s beta server on PC, but the full DLC will be releasing on June 15th!

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