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Is Remedy Looking for Alan Wake 2 Producer?

Remedy has recently posted a job-posting looking for a producer on its next project.  The position they’re looking for?  A producer for a AAA console project–exclusively for the Xbox 360.  You can currently see the job posting and apply (if you’ve had at least 5 years in the game-production industry and want to move to Finland for the next few years) on Gamasutra.

We don’t want to say it’s a sure thing, but unless Max Payne is making a comeback, it would appear as if Remedy is prepping themselves for Alan Wake 2.  With previous comments stating that they’d love to release a sequel to Alan Wake, it also appears that one RoH editor is going to be eating crow rather shortly.

Further hints that this might be Alan Wake 2?  Well, in the overview of the job posting, instead of commenting on the more successful but rather dated Max Payne series, Remedy chooses to discuss Alan Wake instead.

Well, we’d rather be pleasantly surprised with a surprise Alan Wake sequel than horribly disappointed with a canned one that was halfway through production.

No offense to all of the Max Payne fans out there, but here’s hoping that this is the sign that Alan Wake fans have been waiting for.  Here’s hoping that his next piece is just as gripping as The Departure.


With files from Gamasutra

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