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Inmost, the Little 2-D Platformer That Could.

The development team of Chucklefish and Hidden Layers is proud to introduce their newest 2-D platformer, Inmost. With its lush pixel art design, this interconnected story is set across two worlds with three playable characters, each with individual gameplay mechanics. Inmost is “weaving together a tale of suffering, sacrifice and a family stuck in the middle of it all.” Well, that sounds ominously perilous!

The trailer begins with low-lit street lamps, rich sound design, and beautifully layered graphics. A bearded figure closes a door while another wielding a sword drops down into the depths of a castle. One last character explores a derelict house with a flashlight when lightning suddenly flashes outside which illuminates a dark silhouette at the front door. Each character and its environment shines in this trailer, the polish on display here for a 2-D platformer is impeccable!

The constant in this trailer is an ever encroaching darkness from a variety of sludge-like inky masses of ooze which pursues each character. There’s also a wraith or two skulking about in the house and castle levels. Inmost highlights grand set-pieces such as the sword wielder that beseeches a gargantuan ink-wraith upon its throne. The dragon that snakes its head out from a cave, later on, is a mysteriously delightful treat as well. Creepiest visual award goes to the rock that transforms into something akin to ‘no face’ Kaonashi from Spirited Away. (A still of that is below, pleasant dreams!)

Peruse the websites at Chucklefish and Hidden Layer Games for absolutely stunning wallpapers and amazing gifs of further gameplay. Be sure to check the game booth out this September if you’re headed to EGX in Birmingham, UK for a developer meet and greet and to try your hand at the newest playable demo. The game’s final release date is set for 2019 on PC.


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