Dying Light 2 Devs React to Angry Tweets and Give Release Update

Artwork showing the Dying Light 2 logo and two people leaping off a building

Dying Light developer Techland recently uploaded a video to YouTube where they reacted to what can only be described as angry and swear-heavy messages from gamers about the release of Dying Light 2. In the amusing clip, various members of the team read some of the more aggressive tweets in which fans called upon them to announce whether the game was actually coming out or not.

After that, the developers addressed where things stand with the game. While there’s no new information about when Dying Light 2 will launch (though it will be this year at some point), the developers did say they’ll have more news coming very soon and asked that fans stay patient, “for just a bit longer.” However, at 2:10 in the clip, it cuts to some gameplay footage and cinematic sequences from the game, complete with dramatic music.

Whether this short video will appease fans or not remains to be seen, but at least they’re trying to be transparent about the whole thing. As many will be aware, Dying Light 2 was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, but was delayed indefinitely. Techland clearly understands that it’s been a frustrating time for fans, so answering some of the more vitriolic messages in the video shows that they are hopefully on the case.

Their message reads loud and clear: “Dying Light 2 is coming, you just have to be a bit more patient.” For now, fans can join the game’s Discord server where they can keep an eye on updates and ask the developers questions. Hopefully this latest video will stem the flow of questions about any potential release dates, but that doesn’t always stop the internet.

Check out Techland’s new update video below.

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